The New

Jerusalem SOng

The New Jerusalem Song –

on The Way Home according to Christ


1. Light City with righteous gates Miraculous City built in heavenly beauty Only in the beginning was Your glory and beauty seen on this earth. 

2. Sacred place full of light, life, love and truth Where the spiritual tree of life blooms inside of You once again And pours out her now radiant heart over the water. Living water that flows over the new earth.

3. Those who will live on the new earth Nourished by this Great Grace Light of Christ  So they will also know The Path To The New Heaven that always has her righteous gates open.

4. What joy and hapiness it will be To be united once again with Him who always is and will be In that Heavenly Light City with righteous and loving people Where everyone is welcome and may stay of their own free will.

5. What joy and hapiness it will be To join Christ from heaven to Home. From a just and loving to a Graceful Spiritual Life Only then the Great work of Salvation is done and completed.


In Heaven I will meet my Lord, For the first time see and hear His true Light of Grace. Beyond all loneliness, fear, doubt, regret and tears In The Heavenly New Jerusalem On The Way Home.